The Sony ICF-2001D shortwave receiver (as a spy tool)



A numbers station is a special type of unusual radio broadcast, generally on the Short Wave (SW) radio bands, reading out incomprehensible lists of spoken numbers or morse coded messages.The most common type features a female voice, reading long strings of numbers, generally in groups of five, often preceeded by a preamble and/or a series of musical notes. During the Cold War number stations were often operated from Eastern Block countries, such as Czechslovakia, East-Germany (DDR) and Russia (USSR) with their broadcasts aimed at spies and secret agents operating undercover in West-European countries. The agents were instructed to listen to specific SW frequencies at fixed days and times, often using a commercially available SW-receiver from brands like Sony, Panasonic and Grundig. The Sony ICF-2001D (called ICF 2010 outside Europe), a commonly available receiver, became really popular amongst the spies during the 1980s.

The Sony ICF-2001D, as a spy tool

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